Explosionproof PD780 PD785 IP67 two-way radio waterproof walkie-talkie Hytera digital two way radio dmr walkie talkie long range

Product description

Starting from innovation, HP780 undergoes groundbreaking design and development in terms of appearance and functionality, bringing industry users a more reliable, efficient, and comfortable communication experience with its ultra-clear audio, super-strong battery, lightning-fast response, lightweight yet robust construction.

Frequency range:UHF3:350~400MHz; UHF1:400~470MHz; VHF:136~174MHz

Channel capacity:1024

Regional capacity: 64

Dimensions (Height x Width x Thickness) mm:   132 x 55 x 29.5

Weight: 310g

Display screen:  240×320,2.4 inches



slim and lightweight

The structural design of HP780 has been carefully optimized to create a slim and compact body, while ensuring excellent battery life. By cleverly utilizing new lithium polymer batteries, the device has a thickness of only 29.5 millimeters and a total weight (including antennas and battery) of just 310 grams. It can be easily held and operated with one hand, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Large screen、Brand-new UI

The device is equipped with a 2.4-inch high-definition color display, showcasing a brand-new user interface (UI). The main menu is arranged in a grid layout, presenting information in a waterfall-style conversation format. The menu hierarchy has been streamlined to enable quick settings. The programmable keys now feature an “Intelligent Switching” function, allowing for seamless cycling between the standby screen and up to three custom screens.

Large volume 、Better sound

While maintaining a slim and lightweight design, HP780 has adopted high-power speakers that offer equivalent or even better performance. The sound produced by the speakers is loud and clear. With AI noise-cancelling technology, background noise is filtered out, and feedback is eliminated in real-time. This ensures a fast and effective noise reduction, allowing for clean and clear voice output even in noisy environments, thus improving communication efficiency.

Long-lasting battery life

HP780 has excellent battery life performance. It adopts efficient battery management system and intelligent power optimization technology, providing long usage time after a single charge. The specific battery life will vary depending on usage conditions and configurations. However, under normal usage, HP780 can last for several hours or even longer, allowing you to use the device continuously without frequent charging, enhancing convenience in work and daily life. Whether you are in the office, on a trip, or outdoors, HP780’s battery life performance can meet your needs.

Longer communication distance.

By reducing front-end link losses and optimizing back-end demodulation capabilities, sensitivity has been improved, resulting in broader coverage and longer communication distance.